Back in May, we told you about a British man who purchased two tickets for the local train … one for him and one for his pony. Although the man was denied access to the train, photos of him and the cute white pony standing at the ticket office, on the platform, and preparing to board the train as onlookers took a second glance.

Well, the cute white pony–“Ruby” to her friends–has since given birth to a healthy Pinto foal, according to a report from Horse & Hound.

H&H explained that after Ruby’s ill-fated attempt to board the train, she was found grazing on city-owned land. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took Ruby into custody and her owner handed ownership of the mare over to a friend.

Since then, Ruby has been in the care of North East Bridleways Association chairman Michelle Crowther. Two weeks ago, Crowther reported that Ruby had given birth to a black and white colt. Crowther said in the H&H article that both Ruby and the colt are doing well, and that the mare is an excellent mother.

So there you have it! A happy ending for a Weird Horse News story. Do you have a favorite horsey story with a happy ending? Share it below!