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Super Humans Save Stranded Horses

In mid-February 2014, two horses fell through the ice of a backyard pond in Ontario, Canada. Considering the severe winter weather southern Ontario has experienced

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Blow Me One Last Kiss

Pop singer Pink has got it right–at some point in most relationships, one or both parties consider calling it quits and blow each other one

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Mystery Stud

Can you imagine your reaction when one day you head out to your farm and find not one, but two foals on the ground next

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Horses on the Train!

OK, well not necessarily on the train, but in the train station. New York’s Grand Central Station is known for its beautiful architecture and history.

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Dance Party Pony

If you want a commercial to go viral, you have to have some cuteness to it. Plus, it helps to have the power of social

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Houdini Horse

The Associated Press (AP) went a little easy on the investigative reporting this week when it posted a video of a Friesian named Mariska. She’s

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Musical Horses

Sunday night we celebrated music’s brightest stars with the Grammys. However, one act was greatly missed–the equine rockers. From Stockholm, Sweden, we have the recorder

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