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Weird Horse News

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Super Humans Save Stranded Horses

In mid-February 2014, two horses fell through the ice of a backyard pond in Ontario, Canada. Considering the severe winter weather southern Ontario has experienced over the past few months (including crazy low temperatures, high...

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A New Meaning to ‘Paint Horse’

Studies show zebra stripes might work as a fly deterrent. Photo: Photos.com Of course everyone is fully aware of what zedonks, zorses, zonkeys, and zebroids are … ’cause zebras and zebra/horse (or...

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Pick on Someone Your Own Size

As a mom of three, if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: keep your hands to yourself! Why oh why is this such a difficult concept for some people to grasp? Take for example wanna be UFCer Korey J....

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Blow Me One Last Kiss

Pop singer Pink has got it right–at some point in most relationships, one or both parties consider calling it quits and blow each other one last kiss good-bye. In this Weird Horse News installment, the horse got the kiss...

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Warning: The Dangers of Drinking and Riding

Is Whisky to blame for turning people into “one-armed paper hangers”? Whisky, the horse, I mean.Back in the spring of 2008, a paint horse named Whisky broke loose after being tied outside a bar near Lake...

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The Sign Didn’t Say ‘No Horses’

I’m sure you’ve been there a time or two–you just got done spending a long, hot day at a horse show (or trail ride) and you want to partake in your favorite adult beverage. But, alas, you don’t have any...

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Horse Show Gone to the … Alligators?

When you live in Florida, you expect to have the occasional run in with some large reptiles, right? As surprising as it can be, Floridians are use to it. But what a shock it would be for you and your horse to run into an...

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Mystery Stud

Can you imagine your reaction when one day you head out to your farm and find not one, but two foals on the ground next to mares you didn’t breed last year? It’d have to be right up there with absolute shock, being...

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Horses on the Train!

OK, well not necessarily on the train, but in the train station. New York’s Grand Central Station is known for its beautiful architecture and history. Each day, hundreds of thousands of commuters walk through the hall to...

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