Can you imagine your reaction when one day you head out to your farm and find not one, but two foals on the ground next to mares you didn’t breed last year? It’d have to be right up there with absolute shock, being appalled, perhaps even feeling sorry for the little unplanned things.

One owner in Central Kentucky had just that happen to her; only she’s expecting at least five other unplanned foals on top of the two already gracing her farm.

The culprit? A mysterious 3-year-old stud colt that Marilyn Montavon hasn’t seen before, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader, has been hanging out in a 50-acre field with about 20 Thoroughbred mares, and a few geldings. Unfortunately a sixth mare was found to be carrying a dead foal and was euthanized by her veterinarian.

The owner of the stallion must have known Montavon’s busy schedule–she is away from the farm often because of having horses at racetracks across the state. According to the article, a helper on the farm takes care of the horses in Montavon’s absence and didn’t even notice the extra horse until Marilyn pointed it out. And, of course, as most horse owners know, a mare’s gestation period is 11 months, so the mystery stallion (nicknamed by Montavon “Mystery Man”) was in the field for at least that long.

Upon the discovery, Montavon put Mystery Man in a stall in the barn to separate him from the mares and h