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Megan Arszman

Articles by Megan Arszman

Mystery Stud

Can you imagine your reaction when one day you head out to your farm and find not one, but two foals on the ground next to mares you didn’t breed last year? It’d have to be right up there with absolute shock, being...

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Horses on the Train!

OK, well not necessarily on the train, but in the train station. New York’s Grand Central Station is known for its beautiful architecture and history. Each day, hundreds of thousands of commuters walk through the hall to...

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Dance Party Pony

If you want a commercial to go viral, you have to have some cuteness to it. Plus, it helps to have the power of social media to help promote the commercial. Who cares if you don’t really know what product/company is being...

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Houdini Horse

The Associated Press (AP) went a little easy on the investigative reporting this week when it posted a video of a Friesian named Mariska. She’s known as “Houdini” around Misty Meadow Farms in Michigan, because...

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Musical Horses

Sunday night we celebrated music’s brightest stars with the Grammys. However, one act was greatly missed–the equine rockers. From Stockholm, Sweden, we have the recorder rocker doing his rendition of “Twinkle,...

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