The Associated Press (AP) went a little easy on the investigative reporting this week when it posted a video of a Friesian named Mariska. She’s known as “Houdini” around Misty Meadow Farms in Michigan, because she knows how to escape from her stall.

It must be hard to figure out how to keep the mare in. Farm owner Sandy Bonem says the mare has “pretty much mastered every latch in the barn.”

The AP video shows the mare letting herself out of her Dutch-door stall and then promptly moving to her neighbor’s stall. Later in the video, you can see she’s even mastered her inside sliding door.

Bonem claims the mare’s motivation for getting loose isn’t necessarily for freedom, but for social purposes–she likes to visit her neighbors, and maybe grab a bite to eat every now and then. “Once out, she goes straight to where the grain is stored or to the backyard, with its lush, green grass,” says the reporter, Tim McGuire.

Of course there’s concern for laminitis in the mare, since it seems like nothing can be done to keep her out of the food (next to padlocking the feed room and keeping the hay locked up), but there wasn’t any mention of that from the video.

The funny part? There’s always one stall Mariska leaves locked. The video camera follows along as she walks right by a stall on purpose. The occupant? Her dam. Apparently this is a horse who knows she’s doing something she shouldn’t, if she won’t even let her own mother out to roam free…