According to the Chinese horoscope, this is the Year of The Horse.

What exactly does this mean? Immediate success. Apparently, the horse is a dynamic animal in Chinese mythology that is conducive to achievement. If there is something that you’ve been wanting to do, then this is the year to try it, and you will be successful!

Although I’m still looking for the money-back guaranteed Chinese Horoscope website…

Nonetheless, I am wondering if the good luck of the horse applies to everyone or just people who actually celebrate the Lunar New Year, such as the Taiwanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese? Apparently, people wordwide now celebrate almost any holiday and have embraced Chinese and other Asian cultures.

Take for example Toronto’s Maria Carreiro, winner of a $40 million lottery who’s first outing as a millionaire was to the Mandarin restaurant, a conglomerate all-you-can-eat Chinese-Canadian “restaurant.”


Although Westerners enjoy a myriad of Eastern traditions like Tai Chi and acupuncture, the “Royal We” all too frequently find ways to misunderstand Eastern culture. A recent proof-reading “oops” was kindly afforded by the British Broadcasting Corporation, which publicly announced that people everywhere were celebrating “ jQuery(document).on('ready', function ($, document, undefined) { jQuery('.pum-overlay').on('pumInit', function() { // var settings = jQuery('#popmake-60448').data('popmake'); console.log('pumInit'); }); jQuery('.pum-overlay').on('pumOpenPrevented', '.pum', function () { // var settings = jQuery('#popmake-60448').data('popmake'); console.log('pumOpen prevented'); }); jQuery('.pum-overlay').on('pumBeforeOpen', function () { var $popup = jQuery('#popmake-60448'); // setTimeout(function () { $popup.popmake('close'); // }, 0); // half Second // var settings = jQuery('#popmake-60448').data('popmake'); console.log('pumBeforeOpen'); }); });