Just in case you might be on the lookout in Boston for Alice, here’s what the typical unicorn looks like..

If you’re in the Boston area, you might want to check the alleys and behind trash cans for a very friendly, female unicorn named Alice who has gone missing…

Wha!? Yes, you read that right…signs have been posted all around Boston alerting city dwellers to a missing unicorn and to contact The Fairy Shop. Seems rather apropos to me…

But the owner of The Fairy Shop is just hoping to spark people’s imagination, according to CNN’s iReport. (You can watch the video here.)

“I personally believe it is important to continue using your imagination throughout life,” explains the owner, Michael Selletto.

And wouldn’t you know it, people’s imaginations must be running wild–Alice has been spotted all over Boston–phone calls have been coming into Selletto and the shop with claims of seeing the white, mostly fairytale creature. She’s even been spotted grazing near Harvard University.

But the best part of this story? The interviews with actual believers who are searching for Alice, the (maybe-not-so)-make-believe animal. One woman said she understands that lots of unicorns like to take different adventures and get lost, so the fact that The Fairy Shop’