For those in the stock horse world, the All American Quarter Horse Congress is a competitor’s dream–it is the largest single-breed horse show in the world, and it runs throughout the month of October in Columbus, Ohio. Thousands of horses are entered, ridden, and shown throughout the event, which means lots of bodies moving back and forth through the main entrance gates.

So when the news broke last week that someone stole a Freightliner truck hauling a horse trailer with 11 horses from Congress grounds, of course it spread like wildfire. Columbus police took to Interstate 71 to search for the trailer when the call came in, according the

This, of course, caused concerns of “Who would do such a thing? How could someone steal such a large rig with horses inside?” You’ve heard of tack and empty trailers being stolen from shows, but rarely ever do you hear about entire large rigs packed with high-quality horses being taken right off the show site.

But that’s when you start to hear the rest of the story …

Apparently, the horses, trailer, and truck weren’t stolen, and the man behind the wheel wasn’t looking to make a quick buck–he was just looking for a quick exit from the madhouse that can be “The Congress.”

See, security is pretty high at Congress, so the thought of theft is difficult to pull off–security at the gates have to verify that every horse in every trailer is indeed owned by the person hauling the horses ont