If you want a commercial to go viral, you have to have some cuteness to it. Plus, it helps to have the power of social media to help promote the commercial. Who cares if you don’t really know what product/company is being touted in those 30 seconds? When you have your commercial being viewed more than 1.5 million times since it was published a week ago, you’re doing something right.

That’s how the “Dance Pony Dance” commercial is for 3, an Internet network in the United Kingdom. The advertisement shows a “plucky” chubby pony grazing on the shoreline of the United Kingdom when he starts to groove to “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac.

At the end of the bit it gives you the option to create your own dancing pony in whatever music genre you prefer: rave, boy band, hip-hop, funk, love, rock, etc. Each one then gives you options to further customize your dancing Shetland. I personally came up with the “Rave Unicorn” and “Boy Band Pony.”

The concept is a pretty good one–who doesn’t love furry, sassy ponies and songs that last a lifetime?