Guinness has announced the newest world record holders, and here is just a sampling of the equine-related world records:

Oklahoma Sam – World’s Tallest Donkey

“Sam” is owned by Linda Davis in Watsonville, Calif., and has officially measured at 15.3 hands–a full 11 inches taller than her breed standard.

The 4-year-old really dwarfs her barn mates, which include a duck, goose, and four cats. That doesn’t seem to bother them because, according to the profile, this animal family seems to get along quite well.

Linda wanted to point out that even though Sam is larger than normal donkeys, he’s not any more expensive to maintain. “He doesn’t eat more,” she told Guinness. “In fact, if I give him more bale (of hay) he’ll just use it to make his bedding more comfortable.”

Here’s a video from the Guinness site:

Thumbelina – World’s Smallest Living Horse

For the past six years Thumbelina has retained the record as the smallest living horse, standing a mere 17.5 inches at the withers. She is owned by Kay and Paul Goessling in St. Louis, Mo.

Taff & Griff – World’s Oldest Horse Twins

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