OK, well not necessarily on the train, but in the train station.

New York’s Grand Central Station is known for its beautiful architecture and history. Each day, hundreds of thousands of commuters walk through the hall to get to their destination, most not noticing if anything would be amiss in their daily commute.

Unless they walked into a giant horse herd grazing in Vanderbilt Hall.

According to the New York Times website, this week 30 dancing horses are making their presence known at Grand Central Terminal thanks to Chicago artist Nick Cave and dancers from the Ailey School. The dancers are dressed, two to a horse, in large costumes made of raffia to look more like sculptures. The costumes “rustle like a corn field when the herd ‘grazes’ É or suddenly breaks into choreography” on the main concourse.

The equine flash mob breaks out into dance when a live percussion group starts to belt out the beats. It’s a collaborative effort from public arts groups Creative Time and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Arts for Transit program for the Grand Central Celebration. There are two performances daily. When the dancers are not inside the costumes, they are set out as sculptures for public viewing.

Dancers had to audition for either the front or the back of the horse, and this time it isn’t all that bad to be a horse’s patoot. Dancers were asked by Cave, “Do you want to be a stallion, or do you want to be a lazy horse, a