When you think of high-speed chases, you typically think of fast an extremely fast moving car being chased by an equally fast police car, right? There are usually lights and sirens, a good chance for an accident, and the threat to pedestrians and fruit stands everywhere.

Burglars beware of sounding your own alarm.

Photo: Photos.com

But in Juan de Acosta, Colombia, three burglars chose a more environmentally friendly getaway vehicle–the donkey. Now you’re probably thinking that’s pretty smart, right? No one would hear an engine roar down the road, nor smell exhaust fumes if you’re using a donkey for a getaway vehicle (well, you’d hope you wouldn’t smell the exhaust fumes).

But what these burglars didn’t think about was that donkeys tend to bray when they’ve got something to say.

According to Horsetalk.co.nz, the bad guys’ own getaway vehicle–a 10-year-old donkey named Xavi, who was, ironically, stolen as well–turned on them. Xavi started braying as the men loaded their stolen wares into his packs. The burglars fled the scene when police heard the “alarm.” Left with the donkey was rum, oil, rice, and some cans of t