Later this week, The Horse team will travel to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the 2014 American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Convention. An annual pilgrimage to a new destination each year, the AAEP convention is a great place to catch up with our sources from around the country, make new connections for the future, and visit with friends and colleagues over some delicious local cuisine.

What senior horse health topics would you like to see researchers study?

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But most of all, it’s a great place to learn about the latest research on a variety of topics and hear from world-renowned authorities on different aspects of horse health care. And, as always, this year’s program features several sessions on topics that could be important to the care of our senior horses. There’s not one block of sessions specific to seniors this year, but here are some of the topics I’m excited about:

  • There’s a host of presentations on eye care and ocular issues which can, of course, be a problem in older horses. After managing senior Appaloosa Taz’s equine recurrent uveitis for most of his golden years and receiving a uveitis diagnosis on our 27-year-old Appaloosa mare Jessie earlier this year, eye topics are near and dear to my heart. This year we’ll be learning about keratopathies (corneal diseases), immune-mediate kerat