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Old Horses: Better With Age

Keep ‘Em Moving, Part II

I have, for the second time, been reminded of the golden rule for keeping senior horses active: Keep them moving. The first time it happened was in late 2015. Dorado (then 19) was just coming back into work after his bout with...

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Sometimes Horse Age is Just a Mindset

We all love old horses. The ones that carted us around in their (and our) younger days and pilot young riders around the farm, putting up with all the associated shenanigans without batting an eye. The ones that babysit your...

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Lines of Communication

I’ve always worked closely with my veterinarians and farriers to help keep my horses healthy and sound. After all, they know a heck of a lot more than I do about the ins and outs of horse health and soundness! And for the...

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Trudging Through Winter

Those of you you’ve followed 20-year-old Dorado over the past few years know that he is not a fan of winter. Like, if he had the choice of staying here in Kentucky or enduring an eight-hour trailer ride to Aiken (or even a...

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Looking Back, Moving Forward

Growing up, one of my very favorite books was That’s Good! That’s Bad! written by Margery Cuyler and illustrated by David Catrow. Amazon.com says the book is about “a little boy has a series of adventures and...

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Keep ‘Em Moving!

I’ve lost count of how many articles I’ve written or edited about senior horses in which the sources or researchers stress to owners that, if they want their elder equids to stay loose, comfortable, and working...

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A New Normal

The past few months, since 19-year-old Dorado foundered in June, have been nothing short of crazy. From full days spent at the barn icing his ailing feet and numerous vet checks to farrier visits and hand grazing, I’m not...

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