Compared to what I dealt with growing up in Massachusetts, our winters here in Kentucky are pretty mild. It can get pretty darn cold, but we don’t get nearly as much snow as New England. That said, when a substantial amount of the white stuff does fall from the sky, it’s not uncommon to see owners out playing with their horses either under tack or on the ground.

Taz loved to go for rides in the snow!

Photo: Keith Larson

It’s become pretty clear that my older horses have either loved snow or wanted nothing to do with it. Dorado, for example, has become less fond of snow as he’s aged. Now 19, he’s content to go outside play with his pasturemate for a few minutes, eat his hay, and come back inside. By this time in the year, he’s perfected the “winter pout” and makes a beeline to the gate each time I pull in.

Our Appaloosa gelding Taz, on the other hand, loved snow with a passion. Even in his mid- and late-20s, he’d run and “buck” (as best he could) like a baby when snow fell from the sky. He and I took many a ride in the snowÑfrom leisurely walks to not-so-leisurely runs around when the footing allowedÑand I quite enjoyed every one! I like to think he did too.

Over the years I’ve seen many an older, retired horse pulled out for a hack in the snow, be it for a relative to ride alongside the owner and anothe