Jo is going to be a "people" horse. I really picked up that feeling for the first time tonight. She’s done well with being handled and has always seen people as a pleasant source of good food, but tonight she played around with us just for the fun of it, and I sensed that she’ll turn into one of those horses who really enjoys human interaction.

Jo jogging

A turn around the pasture is all in a day’s play.

Our other foal, though, seems only to tolerate people. Truthfully, he’s sometimes better behaved than Jo, but the colt just exudes a sense of dissociation. He’ll do what he’s asked without argument, but he doesn’t want to be your friend.

Neither of those attitudes is really a surprise, but both are fascinating for me to see in action. Jo’s two sisters are both friendly. Her 2-year-old sister, Summer Weekend, has a perfect attitude: she’s happy when she’s running in the field with other horses, and equally content to go through some one-on-one training in the round pen. I try not to oversimplify their individual characters, but I really see a lot of the same qualities in Jo as I noticed in her sister when we raised her. Which is a good feeling, because the Summer Weekend is something special, and the prospect of another like her is heartening. As for the coltÉI’ll be plenty happy if he continues with good ground manners and goes on to a successful race ca