Here at The Horse, we’re counting down the days until we can welcome a new year with a midnight toast. But before we jump into 2018, we’ve taken a few minutes to tally’s most viewed slideshows of 2017.

Common Horse Coat Colors
Horses come in a variety of vivid coat colors, ranging from solid and static to multifaceted and ever-changing. These coat colors are controlled by complex genetics. Here, we showcase some common equine coat colors you might come across.

Common Equine Skin Conditions
Learn about equine skin conditions range from fungi to allergens to who-knows what.

Common Pasture Weeds
Learn how to identify invasive, noxious, and sometimes poisonous, pasture weeds.

Equine Internal Parasites
Take a look at common internal parasites and learn about drug resistance and how to control certain worms.

The Chore-Efficient Horse Property
Take a tour of Triple M Ranch, a 7-acre Washington horse farm designed to minimize labor.

Old Horses: Diseases and Conditions
Horses earn their places in our hearts and hold special memories in our minds. But as they get older, horses face common age-related conditions and diseases that require management and care.

Inside Dream Horse Barns
Take a look at these features that make horse barns safe and healthy as well as beautiful.

Small Horse-Property Tour
Join Horses for Clean Water Director Alayne Blickle’s tour of a 2-acre farm designed by architect/owner Carolyn Adams.

Colic in Horses
Colic is the most common cause of equine deaths. Take a closer look at this devastating condition.

Don’t Spook! Contest: Editors’ Picks
Readers submitted photos and stories of different things that spook their horses.