This holiday season Canadian horse lovers can help feed hungry horses by doing something horse lovers to do: shop!

"When people buy a large canvas bag sporting the logo of Equestrian Factory Outlet together with Agribrands Purina Canada for $4.99, the proceeds will be used to provide food to horses in need," explained Marc Nicols, CEO of Equestrian Factory Outlet.

Funds from the sale of the bags will benefit horses in need, as will nominal sponsorship fees paid by corporations to have their logos printed on the "Shopping Bags for Feedbags."

"The first set of 5,000 bags will only have Equestrian Factory Outlet's and Agribrands Purina's logos and will be available later this year," said Nicols. "We are hoping stores like Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian, Bahr's Saddlery Ltd., and other companies or breed organizations will also participate."

According to Nicols, a second run of bags will sport the logos of the sponsoring companies. "This is a program designed to make a difference in which everyone can participate on many levels," added Nicols.

Agribrands Purina will distribute feed to horses in need on a priority basis, Nicols said. Some of the organizations receiving feed donations will include the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA), equine adoption agencies, and horse rescue organizations.

Nicols added, "To my knowledge, there are no similar programs currently available in the United States, but certainly a program like this would benefit horses in need across Nort