UKVDL Map of the Month: Nocardioform Placentitis Abortions

This month’s featured map illustrates cases of nocardioform placentitis abortions in the 2018 foal crop.

Nocardioform placentitis is a unique form of bacterial placentitis affecting late-gestation mares, causing abortion, stillbirth, or foals born alive but compromised. The disease was first diagnosed in Central Kentucky in the 1980s and has also been reported in other areas of the United States and abroad. Nocardioform placentitis cases are diagnosed annually, with some years experiencing few cases and other years noting higher numbers.

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Individuals with questions or concerns about disease outbreaks can contact University of Kentucky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (UKVDL) at 859/257-8283.

Jacqueline Smith, PhD, MSc, BSc, Dipl. AVES, UKVDL epidemiologist and adjunct professor of epidemiology at Lincoln Memorial University, is the founder of the UKVDL Disease Mapping Initiative, a database designed to record all infectious disease cases submitted to the UKVDL.

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