injured horse found in Oregon

An injured horse is receiving veterinary care after being found wandering in an Oregon wilderness area.

According to Sound Equine Options, a horse rescue in Gresham, Oregon, a U.S. Forest Service lookout at Mule Peak spotted the horse roaming the Eagle Cap Wilderness area of the Wallowa Mountains on Aug. 28. Personnel from the Blue Mountain Back Country Riders, Mustangs to the Rescue, and U.S. Forest Service subsequently lead the 8-year-old mare out of the wilderness on a five-mile trail with a 2,000-foot elevation change. She was placed in Sound Equine Options’ care.

injured horse found in Oregon

An initial veterinary examination revealed the mare had several open wounds; a broken, infected jawbone; and osteomyelitis (bone infection) in a hind leg.

The horse was moved to Oregon State University’s (OSU) large animal hospital, where her infected wounds are being treated, said OSU representative Michelle Klampe.

How long the mare has been wandering and the cause of her injuries remain undetermined.

In a Sept. 5 Facebook post, Sound Equine Options said the mare, now called Sandy, OSU veterinarians had removed two pieces of infected/dead jaw bone, begun treating the leg wounds and granulation tissue, and collected samples to culture to determine which antibiotics to use, among other treatments.