filly born into corolla herd

After a year of equine losses, the Corolla horse herd welcomed a new filly last month.

The horses occupy a more than 7,000-acre habitat on North Carolina’s Currituck Outer Banks.

Jo Langone, chief operating officer of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, which managers the herd, said a resident first spotted the filly estimated to have been born on Aug. 23.

The birth takes place after five herd members, including another foal, died in the past several months.

“Of course, the arrival of a foal is always welcome news,” Langone said. “This year it is especially welcome because we lost so many in a relatively short amount of time”

The new arrival is one of 90 to 100 horses descended from a herd brought to the barrier islands by Spaniards in the 16th century.