Customized deworming information is now available to horse owners nationwide when they visit Hoechst Roussel Vet’s interactive equine web site.

To access this distinctive site, go to and select Equine, PanacurÆ (fenbendazole), and Optimal Worm Control with Panacur Powerpac Dewormer. Provide your return e-mail address and a localized parasite control program is sent for free.

The customized deworming programs take into account how the local climate will determine the length of the grazing period, and whether each parasite’s life cycle and transmission is seasonal or year-long. Since prevention of parasite infestation is the goal, the timing of treatments is stressed.

Each program shows the best times for a larvicidal treatment, and when to treat for botfly larvae and tapeworms. While all horses on a farm should be on the same program, exceptions might include foals, yearlings, and broodmares which might have other requirements. The program is unique in that it recommends the responsible use of a variety of dewormers, not only HR Vet products.

“We are continuing our practice of recommending the most effective product for the problem at hand, regardless of who the manufacturer is. Timing is important, and it’s equally important to select a product that is capable of doing the job right—the first time,” said Rob Sterling, HR Vet’s marketing manager, companion animal. He added that consultation with a veterinarian is encouraged.