Have you ever dreamt of keeping your horse at home on a few acres rather than boarding? It’s a happy dream, but managing equids on small acreages takes planning. From properly sizing turnout areas to ensuring horse waste doesn’t take over your facility and making sure you have a place to ride you can ensure at-home horse keeping is a fulfilling and fun experience.

Following are 10 resources available for free on TheHorse.com to help you make the most of your land when keeping horses on small properties. Find more information in the “Farm and Barn” category or by searching “small horse properties” on TheHorse.com.

SLIDESHOW: Small Horse-Property Tour Are you hoping to keep horses on small acreage? Or perhaps you’d like to make improvements to your current set up? Take a look at this 2-acre farm designed by architect and owner Carolyn Adams for ideas on how to make the most of your space. View Now

VIDEO: How to Keep Horses on a Small Property You don’t need hundreds of acres to give your horse a good life. Here’s how to give horses what they need in terms of turnout, shelter, grazing, and more on small acreage. Watch Nowconsole.log('scenario 2');