Your Guide to Equine Health Care

Waste & Manure Management

Messy Gelding vs. Tidy Gelding

Healthful Horse Barns

Consider these horse health- and safety-oriented design aspects when building or renovating your barn.

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Use Caution when Fertilizing with Raw Horse Manure

Does Horse Manure Make Safe Compost?

Do horse feeds made of products treated with herbicides and pesticides create contaminated compost that threatens the health of future gardens? Can deworming your horses then composting their manure lead to drug residue in your pile? Find out how to make the most of your horse’s manure.

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composting horse manure; Methods for Controlling Equine Parasites in the Environment

10 Composting Resources on

Did you know May 29 is Learn About Composting Day? Get a head start with some of our top composting, manure management, and eco-friendly farm management resources available for free on

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Recycling on the Farm

Recycling on the Farm

Find out how you can set up a farm-friendly recycling system, as well as reuse common materials around the barn.

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