Product Review: Sweet PDZ Stall Refresher
Editor’s note: We at The Horse are horse owners like you. Certain equine-care products have impacted how we manage our own animals, and we want to share our experiences with you. These select products are ones we use and love every day.

Managing 10 horses year-round on a small farm in Kentucky is no easy feat. The unpredictable weather can leave you with a sunny, 70-degree day ideal for riding (even in late February!), followed by a cold, miserable, soggy day 24 hours later. This often means my horses spend more time in their stalls during some periods than I’d like.

If you own or manage horses, you know it doesn’t take long for the ammonia smell to build in a barn, especially during hot, humid weather. In addition to its pungent smell, ammonia can negatively affect your horse’s (as well as your own) respiratory system and health.

Each of my horses has its own individual box stall he or she spends time in daily, even if it’s just during mealtime. To help eliminate those strong ammonia odors, I use Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher. Each week when we strip all the manure and soiled bedding from the stalls, I sprinkle PDZ granules across the flooring in addition to clean bedding. The granules are designed to absorb the ammonia straight from the source—urine and manure—leaving the air in the stall a bit cleaner, as it should be. Typically, a 40-pound bag of granules will last us one to two months for 10 stalls, depending on the season.

My horses seem to fall into one of three groups when it comes to stall cleanliness:

  • The “Tidy-Keepers” – Most of our mares fall into this group. They keep their stalls relatively dry and tend to group their manure piles in a designated corner. I usually spot-treat areas of their stalls with the refresher.
  • The “Mound in the Middlers” – Enter the geldings. Without fail, all of our geldings develop large, wet, ammonia-filled spots in the centers of their stalls. The PDZ Refresher is essential in these stalls.
  • The “Messers” – One particular chestnut mare falls in this category. You’d think she was competing with the rest of the herd to see who could have the wettest, messiest stall. I treat her stall generously with PDZ Refresher.

I also appreciate the fact that PDZ granules are nontoxic and compostable. Stall waste from 10 horses can mount up quickly!

Sweet PDZ Horse Stall Refresher is just one component of our horse barn management. We’ve also improved our barn’s ventilation by adding two fans that help circulate fresh air though the stalls. Each horse stall has a window to allow for extra airflow, and the barn is never completely closed up. And of course, the horses are outside enjoying the sunshine and pastures as much as possible.

At the end of the day, every owner wants to provide the best possible care for her horse. Using the PDZ refresher allows me to provide a safer, cleaner indoor environment for my horses and protect their airways so they can perform at their best in the show ring or on the trail.