Forage-First Diets

Equine nutritionists and veterinarians agree: Forage should be the cornerstone of the equine diet. Get your questions about hay, beet pulp, alfalfa, pellets, and more during our live event.


About the Experts:

Laurie Lawrence


Laurie Lawrence, PhD, MS, is an equine programs professor in the University of Kentucky’s College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment. Her research interests include nutrient requirements of broodmares and foals, nutrient requirements of exercising horses, equine digestive physiology, pasture and forage utilization, and equine exercise physiology.

Stephen Duren


Dr. Stephen Duren

Stephen Duren, PhD, MS, PAS, completed his Bachelor of Science in animal sciences at the University of Idaho. He earned a Master of Science and a Doctor of Philosophy in equine nutrition and exercise physiology from the University of Kentucky. His research focus centered around feeding fat to racehorses and changes in blood flow distribution in fed and fasted horses during exercise. Duren has now formed Performance Horse Nutrition, LLC, where he consults with feed manufacturers and horse owners throughout the world. Duren has owned horses his entire life and truly understands the connection between diet and performance. He has owned competitive horses and understands the investment of time and training and realizes that diet should be a factor that helps the horse, not limits the horse. Duren has been pivotal in the way Standlee Premium Western Forage ensures their forage nutritional and quality excellence.