Charlene Strickland

Award-winning writer Charlene Strickland lives in Bosque Farms, N.M. She has published 8 books and over 600 magazine articles, and is a member of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists.

Articles by: Charlene Strickland

Shop The Used Trailer Lot

Truck, auto, boat, plane–buying used saves money. A pre-owned horse trailer also can offer economy over a new one. To bring home the best buy, learn how to evaluate the condition of a secondhand trailer.

You might find the right

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Your Interactive Fence

Interactive is a common word in our language now. It means an immediate and personal response. You click–your computer displays a response. Your horse clicks an electric fence, and it shocks him. The interactivity cues the horse to respect th”P>Interactive is a common word in our language now. It means an immediate and personal respo

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When Tack Hurts

Your horse can’t tell you where tack hurts, but he can express sensation through his movement. Any sort of tack can impact the horse’s attitude and well-being. Tack can cause discomfort or pain by undue pressure, or even its presence against skin

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Equestrian Discipline: Pure Pleasure

His job is fun. The pleasure horse doesn’t work hard or fast, like competitors in jumping, reining, or racing. But when he treks up the trail or circles the show ring, he’s supplying his rider with an essential ingredient–the feel of a good horse.

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Foreign Travel Tips

Travel can broaden your horizons, but crossing international borders can stress horses and owners. The process becomes complex with travel on land, sea, or air. Required quarantines, longer distances, and tests for import and export

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