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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A Quarter Horse in Central Kentucky was euthanized after being struck by a car while standing in his stall, reported. Driver Adam Smith went

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CSI Equine

A panther is the leading suspect in an attack on a yearling Miniature Horse that left the diminutive equine injured and two guard dogs dead

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Ladies’ Choice

This year marks the fifth anniversary of March to the Arch, an AQHA event featuring cross dressing, micro-piglets, and more–all for a good cause. AQHA’s

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Old Baldy

Two city museums are fighting over the mounted head of a horse called “Old Baldy,” The Associated Press reports. Old Baldy isn’t just any horse–he

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Calling All Mules

To get a handle on its mule deficit, Cuba is undertaking a national census of the long-eared equids, their daily newspaper reported. “The paper reports

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A Polish man is in trouble. The story involves a horse or horses, one of which was found hitched the front axle of his van. Beyond

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A sturdy pony has been credited with helping caretakers attend to animals stranded in a recent Virginia snowstorm. Half a dozen donkeys and llamas were

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Abandoned Horse

Australian horse owner Jenny Mahoney awoke one day last week to find a strange horse in her pasture. Sadly, this story isn’t uncommon. But this

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Fatal Attack Reported

All joking aside, a very weird and sad story is coming from Cumberland City, Tenn., where a man was attacked and killed by his stallion. Travis

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A Message from Don Corleone

A man was charged with harassment after authorities say he sent the head of a plush toy horse to a state senator, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

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Artax! Artax!

It seems this season gives many horses a sinking feeling. Whether sinkholes or mud, early spring is always a busy time for large animal rescue teams.

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Frozen Hose Haiku

It’s that time again! Show off your syllabic subjugation skills with a new round of horsey haiku. Our subject: winter stable management. (To review, haiku

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Happy Ending

A Shetland pony found wandering the streets of Norwalk, Calif., found a home just in time for Christmas, The L.A. Times reported. The friendly, well-groomed,

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Living Nativity

The living Nativity at Eagle River Presbyterian Church near Vail, Colo., became more exciting than intended when the two donkeys involved escaped from their pen. The

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Calling All Donkeys

A church in Redditch, Worcestershire, UK, has yet to fill one vial role in their annual Christmas pageant: the donkey. They put out a call

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Fashion Week

Every few years those-in-the-know declare equestrian is “in” and (at least for the next 15 minutes) the fashion mags fill with emaciated gals sitting/hanging/leaning on obviously

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