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Articles by Erin

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A Quarter Horse in Central Kentucky was euthanized after being struck by a car while standing in his stall, kypost.com reported. Driver Adam Smith went off the road while attempting to avoid another vehicle on a sharp curve,...

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CSI Equine

A panther is the leading suspect in an attack on a yearling Miniature Horse that left the diminutive equine injured and two guard dogs dead in Manatee, Fla. HeraldTribune.com reports the 18″ horse named Tivo was...

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Ladies’ Choice

This year marks the fifth anniversary of March to the Arch, an AQHA event featuring cross dressing, micro-piglets, and more–all for a good cause. AQHA’s America’s Horse Daily reports the show has raised more...

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Old Baldy

Two city museums are fighting over the mounted head of a horse called “Old Baldy,” The Associated Press reports. Old Baldy isn’t just any horse–he was the preferred mount of Gen. George Meade during many...

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Calling All Mules

To get a handle on its mule deficit, Cuba is undertaking a national census of the long-eared equids, their daily newspaper reported. “The paper reports the country might be some 8,000 [mules] in the red (pardon the...

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A Polish man is in trouble. The story involves a horse or horses, one of which was found hitched the front axle of his van. Beyond that, the details depend on whom you ask. The Daily Mail version goes like this:...

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A sturdy pony has been credited with helping caretakers attend to animals stranded in a recent Virginia snowstorm. Half a dozen donkeys and llamas were stranded in a lower shed at Leesburg Animal Park, Leesburg Today reported....

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Abandoned Horse

Australian horse owner Jenny Mahoney awoke one day last week to find a strange horse in her pasture. Sadly, this story isn’t uncommon. But this one has a twist. “I only have the one, McBeal, so I slowly approached...

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Fatal Attack Reported

All joking aside, a very weird and sad story is coming from Cumberland City, Tenn., where a man was attacked and killed by his stallion. Travis Oliver Beard, 68, died Jan. 21 at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in...

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A Message from Don Corleone

A man was charged with harassment after authorities say he sent the head of a plush toy horse to a state senator, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. State police said a man hand-delivered a package to the West Deptford,...

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