Les Sellnow

Les Sellnow was a prolific freelance writer based near Riverton, Wyoming. He specialized in articles on equine research, and operated a ranch where he raised horses and livestock. He authored several fiction and nonfiction books, including Understanding Equine Lameness and Understanding The Young Horse. He died in 2023.

Articles by: Les Sellnow

Synovial Joints and How They Work

First we’ll look at how the horse’s synovial joints are constructed, then we’ll outline where they are located, the functions they serve, and some of the problems that can develop.

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Bedding Shopping

There was a time when bedding for horse stalls received little attention or discussion, especially in the agricultural Midwest. When horses provided the power for planting and harvesting crops, almost every farm had a field of oats. The oat

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The Cost of Putting a Foal on the Ground

If you are new to the breeding business, you will soon realize that putting a foal on the ground can be an expensive proposition. Breeding can be as simple as turning a stallion in with a group of mares, or it can be as sophisticated as importin

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Veterinary Equipment

As research involving veterinary equipment results in more and more sophistication, both veterinarians and horse owners face something of a dilemma. For the veterinarian, the question involves how much a practice can afford to invest in the latest

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AAEP For Education

This year’s annual meeting of the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) in Seattle, Wash., offers a myriad of educational opportunities for veterinarians and horse owners, and has a trade show that features new products and service

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Tweaking Tails

There is bucolic tranquility in the sight of two horses dozing in the sun, side by side, nose to tail, with their tails rhythmically swishing as they leisurely work at keeping flies off their bodies. That is the basic purpose of the equine tail

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Improving Travel Conditions

While there have been many changes in the equine world in the past several decades, no change has been more dramatic than that experienced by horse transportation. The change, literally, has been from hooves and rails to wheels and wings. While

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At What Age to Shoe?

Questions involving the ifs and whens to shoe horses have been debated for years. There are those who will argue that a horse’s foot should not have metal attached via nails under any circumstances, while others will opt for shoeing certain horses

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Therapeutic Options

Not long ago, veterinarians generally considered most forms of alternative medicine to be a “smoke and mirrors” approach to treating horses. Today, many veterinarians are embracing at least two forms of alternative medicine–acupuncture and

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Stone Bruises

Though a seemingly innocuous injury, a stone bruise can result in a horse’s demise if left untreated.

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Treadmills for Diagnosing Lameness

Through the years, the treadmill has been a valuable asset in diagnosing various respiratory problems and complications in athletic horses, especially those involving the larynx and upper airways. Now another dimension has been added–the evaluation

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Trail Riding: Teaching Water Crossing

With some horses, particularly those raised on rangeland, refusal to cross water never occurs because the horse has grown up crossing streams and rough country. With others, especially those bred and raised in a stable, crossing a river for the first time can be terrifying.

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Horses and Fire

Fire can be both friend and foe in nature. While fire can do extensive damage to the environment, the damage is often short-lived and the long-term benefits outweigh short-term problems as new vegetation springs forth to populate the landscape.

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