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Mary DeLorey, DVM


Mary S. DeLorey, DVM earned her veterinary degree from University of Missouri in 1992. Since 2000, she has devoted her entire professional energies to equine dentistry. Her practice, Northwest Equine Dentistry, Inc. serves the states of Washington and Idaho and is based near Seattle. Dr. DeLorey has traveled internationally to instruct veterinarians in equine dentistry techniques and speaks to horse owners nationwide. She trail rides and raises sport ponies from her ranch in Eastern Washington when she's not on the road.

Articles by Mary DeLorey, DVM

Dentistry: A Look Inside

If an educated horse owner wishes to make informed decisions about health care for his or her equine companion, he or she needs to understand the basics of equine dentition and how the teeth affect overall health–after all, proper mastication is the first step in the long process of digestion.

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Deserving of Dentistry

There may be no branch of equine veterinary medicine that is advancing as quickly as equine dentistry. As recently as a decade ago, it was still considered adequate to feel along the sides of a horse’s first upper cheek teeth and decide, based on sharpness alone, whether that horse needed a “float.” If treatment was deemed necessary, it consisted of a speedy rasping along the outsides of the

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Ear Teeth?

My yearling Standardbred colt has been diagnosed with a dentigerous cyst by the veterinarian. Can you possibly give me some information on this type of cyst?

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