AAEP Convention 2018

Coverage from the 2018 AAEP Convention in San Francisco, California

laminitis care; Acetaminophen Could Relieve Laminitis Pain

PPID and Laminitis in Horses: What’s the Relationship?

It still isn’t clear how PPID leads to insulin issues and subsequent laminitis. But vets and researchers do know that, regardless of how PPID horses develop insulin dysregulation, having both conditions leads to a poorer prognosis than having either alone.

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prepurchase exams for upper level sport horses; can my horse read my thoughts; FEI Joins Other Stakeholders in Concussion Conference

Prepurchase Exams for Upper-Level Sport Horses

There’s no getting around it: Horses—especially those expected to perform at a high level—are risky purchases. But a thorough prepurchase exam can help give you confidence that you’re making the right investment for your scenario. Here’s what practitioners look for during prepurchase exams for upper-level sport horses.

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postpartum metritis in mares; New Resistance Genes: What's the Threat to Horses?

Managing Postpartum Metritis in Mares

The main goals when treating metritis (inflammation of the uterine wall) in mares are to control bacterial growth, evacuate uterine contents, and prevent complications. Here’s how vets accomplish these goals.

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