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At Home with Horses

The Dressage Coat Diet

Me riding my trainer’s mare, Molly, during my last active show season. Even when the dressage coat diet works, I’m still unlikely to tuck my shirt into my breeches, which is a bit of a dressage fashion faux pas....

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The Sales Yard

Horses sold at low-end auctions throughout the country face unknown fates. Photo: iStock   I watch horse auction sites from throughout the Pacific Northwest online. Mostly with a heavy heart. The story is always the same....

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How Much is a Horse Worth?

Well-schooled, seasoned stock-type geldings like my homebred Jack used to pull a premium price, but what’s he worth today? Photo: Michelle Anderson When I was 8 years old I went to ride a cowboy’s pony gelding named...

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When the Horse Owner Goes Lame

Jenny C. helped move Marathon to the trainer so he could take dressage “boot camp” while I’m on the human version of stall rest. Having great friends is a good thing. Photo: Michelle N. Anderson My dressage...

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I Have Too Many Horses

Recently I stood in line at the grocery store behind a mom with three kids, ages ranging from toddler to 6 years old. While the kiddos were definitely cute and not necessarily poorly behaved, mom certainly had her hands full....

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