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A 5-Step Guide to Composting Horse Manure

We compost on our guest ranch, Sweet Pepper Ranch, here in southwestern Idaho. It’s not a complicated process. Just follow the five steps below and you’ll find that pile of manure behind your barn will quickly turn into black gold!

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Dealing with Drainage

Last post we reviewed things to do to prepare your paddocks for winter. Following that theme, this time we’ll look another fall priority: dealing with

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Odor Control in Paddocks

Especially in the summer months, odor smells in gravel or sand paddocks can get pretty intense–a real concern if you have neighbors close by. Plus,

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Track Paddocks: Combating Horse Boredom

If you’re familiar with confinement areas, you probably think of them as small areas that don’t give horses much opportunity to move about. However, an emerging trend, called track paddocks, may change the way you view confinement areas.

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It’s Vacation Time!

Having your horse property set up efficiently will make your horse life easier and will give you peace of mind to head out on vacation.

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Recycling Down on the Farm

Looking for ways to trim your horse budget? Besides helping the environment and being “green,” another benefit of recycling is it saves money! It can

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Spring is Weed Control Time!

Believe it or not, it’s already time to talk about weed control. Getting a handle on weeds early in the spring is the most cost-effective,

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Dealing with Dust

While it may seem a little early to be thinking about dust, mud in the winter becomes dust in the summer. If you had muddy

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Spreading Compost

Once soils are no longer saturated and while we still have some spring rains ahead of us, do your horses and your pasture a favor by spreading compost. The nutrients, organic material and beneficial bacteria and fungi in the compost will help your grass plants become more productive.

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Manage Surface Flows

Like you, here at Sweet Pepper Ranch we are always working on some project. This week we’re working on drainage issues that need to be

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