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Slow Feeders

Boredom for horses can cause health issues such as weight gain, ulcers, stall vices, bickering or fighting between horses, and even colic. Find out how slow feeders can help.

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Dealing with Boredom

When the weather’s frightful and our horses end up snowbound in their stalls, who gets antsier, us or them? I know I get pretty cranky when

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Choosing Paddock Fencing

Welded drilled pipe fencing on our new barn. Panel fencing on our main barn. This week we finally finished construction of our new barn enough

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Wipe Out Tack Room Mold

ÔTiz the season for mold! If you’ve been battling mold in your tack room, I’ve got bad news: mold spores are everywhere. They are floating

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Set Up a Winter Water Supply

Winter has sneaked in and hit many parts of the northern United States. For those not fully prepared, now is probably your last chance to

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recycled hay feeder

Build a Low-Cost Hay Feeder

Tired of seeing your horse eating in mud? Or wasting hay that gets buried in filth? Here’s any easy, low-cost way to build a chore-efficient feeder.

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