Embryo Transfer


Courts May Settle Artificial Insemination Debate

Published in the Jan. 26 issue of The Blood-Horse

Thoroughbred breeders who are happy with the industry’s staunch opposition to artificial insemination and embryo transfer should not get too comfortable.

“Don’t think

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WEVA: On the Move

They met in Italy to exchange information about reproduction, sports medicine, infectious diseases, transportation, and surgery. The more than 300 delegates from 29 different countries, including Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark

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AQHA Embryo Transfer Case Revisited

On Friday, Sept. 14, 2001, officials and attorneys for the American Quarter Horse Association were back in court to receive presiding Judge Patrick A. Pirtle’s decision on a motion that was filed by AQHA asking the judge to reconsider

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Embryo Transfer for Horses

One plus one plus one equals one. The stallion, dam, and surrogate dam probably never met, but all three contributed to produce a foal. Today’s assisted breeding technologies can overcome the constraints of distance, competitive involvement,

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