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postpartum metritis in mares; New Resistance Genes: What's the Threat to Horses?

Managing Postpartum Metritis in Mares

The main goals when treating metritis (inflammation of the uterine wall) in mares are to control bacterial growth, evacuate uterine contents, and prevent complications. Here’s how vets accomplish these goals.

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uterine tube obstruction in mares

Uterine Tube Obstruction in Mares: Post-Treatment Pregnancy Rates

Uterine tube obstruction, though rare, can cause subfertility in mares. While veterinarians have several methods for treating this issue, it’s been unclear how they affect a mare’s future fertility. So researchers recently conducted a study to find out.

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breeding older mares; Top Reproduction Studies of 2016

Top Equine Reproduction Studies of 2018

Dr. Regina Turner shares the results of studies on antimicrobial options for metritis, treating blocked oviducts, estrus lengths and pregnancy rates, colic surgery in broodmares, and more.

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Mare and foal

Get Ready for Equine Breeding Season!

Get your questions answered about breeding mares and stallions and producing top-quality, healthy foals during our live Q&A. We cover everything from selecting the right parents to gestational care to ensuring your foal’s safe delivery.

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10 EMS Resources on

Breeding the Metabolic Mare

Is it safe to breed a mare who has equine metabolic syndrome and a history of laminitis? Reproduction expert Dr. Ryan Ferris offers insight.

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biofilm-associated endometritis in mares; Treating Biofilms and Latent Infections in Mares

Biofilm-Associated Endometritis in Mares

Bacterial endometritis that is refractory to traditional antimicrobial treatment is a significant challenge to the equine breeding industry. Fortunately, several therapeutic options are currently available to clinicians for the treatment of biofilm-associated endometritis in horses.

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equine vet ce

UK to Host Revamped Equine Showcase, Equine Vet CE Session

The University of Kentucky Ag Equine Programs will host its 8th Annual UK Equine Showcase in conjunction with an Equine Vet Continuing Education session (formerly known as the Kentucky Breeders’ Short Course) Jan. 25-26, 2019.

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how mare immune systems respond to breeding

How Mare Immune Systems Respond to Breeding

While some species develop a local immune response, sending special protective cells to the uterus itself, mares don’t, researchers learned recently. Rather, they appear to send those cells elsewhere as soon as semen enters the uterus. Where they go, nobody knows (yet).

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