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Other Eye Problems


Advanced Imaging of the Equine Head

Advancements in equine imaging have made it possible for veterinarians to better understand the anatomy and pathologies of their patients.

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Laser cyclophotocoagulation

Emerging Equine Eye Therapies

Learn about 4 cutting-edge treatments for equine eye issues ranging from corneal ulcers to cancer, in this article from the December 2022 issue of The Horse.

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Big Problems for Equine Eyes

Horses have big eyes—which can lead to big problems. Learn how to recognize common signs of eye injuries and what to do about them.

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Not Just Old Age: Why Do Senior Horses Die?

Caring for Horses Over 30

Aged horses require the same, if not higher, level of care as their younger counterparts. Learn about the unique needs of old horses, and meet five over-30 horses with age-related ailments.

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Old Draft Horse

The Price of Longevity: Senior Horse Health Needs

Owning a horse over his lifetime can be rewarding, but you need to be prepared for specific costs related to his care. Learn about senior horse research studies and what veterinarians say you should watch for as your horse ages.

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Basic Equine Eye Anatomy

If you know how the equine eye works, you’ll understand why injury affecting any part of its structure can create significant pain and severely affect vision.

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Common Equine Eye Conditions

If you have ever dealt with an equine eye problem, you know the importance of early recognition and appropriate treatment. Here are some common conditions and how your veterinarian might manage them.

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New Treatment for Equine Bone Fragility Disorder Evaluated

Old Horses: Diseases and Conditions

As horses get older, they face common age-related conditions and diseases that require management and care. Learn more about those conditions and diseases in this slideshow.

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