Other Eye Problems

New Treatment for Equine Bone Fragility Disorder Evaluated

Old Horses: Diseases and Conditions

As horses get older, they face common age-related conditions and diseases that require management and care. Learn more about those conditions and diseases in this slideshow.

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Keeping Your Horse Healthy on the Trail

Emergencies on the Trail

When riding your horse in the woods or the wilderness, things can go wrong–and usually when least expected. Here are some possible predicaments you might face while out on the trail.

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senior horse health problems

Senior Horse Health Problems: What to Watch For

Dr. Liz Arbittier encourages owners and caretakers of senior horses to call their vet if they notice any changes in health or behavior, even when it seems minor, to identify issues and begin treatment early. Here’s what to watch for.

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periocular habronemiasis

Nonhealing Equine Conjunctivitis? Parasites Might be to Blame

Periocular habronemiasis appears as granulous lesions around the eye as a result of parasite infestations. While it was once more common in tropical and subtropical climates, veterinarians have begun diagnosing it in regions as far north as Europe and the United States.

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eye problems in old horses

Study: Most Senior Horses Have Eye Problems

To boot, researchers found that it’s not always easy for owners to spot ocular issues: Owners reported that fewer than 4% of the study horses had some sort of ocular disease, but researchers determined that nearly 90% of them did.

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