Foot and Mouth Disease


Location of New Foot-and-Mouth Disease Lab Debated

One of the nation’s oldest farm groups said Thursday a proposed foot-and-mouth disease research laboratory on the U.S. mainland, near livestock, could be an inviting target for terrorists. Commercial livestock representatives and the Bush

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New British FMD Case from Same Strain as August Outbreak

Preliminary tests indicated Thursday the latest foot and mouth disease (FMD) outbreak southwest of London is the same strain that caused last month’s outbreak, an official said.

The British government had not announced the results of tests

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Cattle in Second Surrey Area Not Positive for FMD

Livestock on an English farm that were tested after showing signs of possible Foot and Mouth Disease do not have it, Britain’s chief veterinarian said Saturday. The result strengthens indications that the highly contagious livestock ailment has

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U.K. Authorities Testing More Cattle for FMD

British authorities were testing for a new outbreak of foot and mouth disease (FMD) Friday, after cattle in a herd grazing several miles away from an initial cluster of cases were suspected of falling ill, raising fears that the virus is

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Vaccine Lab Implicated as Source of FMD Outbreak

Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is so highly contagious–and such a threat to farm economies–that the United States won’t allow researchers to work with the virus on the mainland. But in Britain, a lab making Foot and Mouth vaccines was located

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Foot and Mouth Disease Confirmed in China

Confirmed in China

On May 26, China’s Ministry of Agriculture confirmed outbreaks of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in Beijing, Xinjiang, and Hebei.

While horses cannot be infected by FMD, they can carry the virus on their

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New Zealand FMD Update

A second letter has been received, via media, stating that the original letter sent last week claiming release of “a vial of FMD virus on an off-shore island” was a hoax and that no FMD virus was released in New Zealand. A police assessment

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Foot and Mouth Disease Threatens New Zealand

New Zealand government officials are looking into a recent threat that foot and mouth disease (FMD) was released on nearby Waiheke Island (about 11 miles west of Auckland, New Zealand) May 9.

The government received a letter the afternoo

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