The Latest on Feeding Laminitic Horses

The Latest on Feeding Laminitic Horses

Recent research has given us more insight into how to manage horses affected by or vulnerable to laminitis. If your horse falls into the at-risk category, consider these diet changes.

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Feeding Horses With Endocrine Disorders

A Closer Look at Comorbidities in Horses

Horses can experience more than one disease process at the same time, an occurrence known as comorbidity. In this article, we’ll take a look at equine diseases such as PPID and laminitis that veterinarians most commonly see in conjunction with other conditions.

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Old Draft Horse

Equine Immunity From Birth to Old Age

Many factors affect your horse’s ability to mount an effective immune response, one of which is his age. Learn more about the horse’s immune system and how it functions at every stage of his life.

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