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Hoof Care & Balance

Caring for Driving Horses

Whether it’s pulling a plow or a buggy, going for a pleasure drive, or contending a combined driving event, driving poses health considerations both similar to and distinct from those encountered with your typical sport horse.

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Sidelined: 4 Common Injuries in Western Performance Horses

Western performance horses are a diverse group of equine athletes trained for a variety of disciplines with unique physical demands. Learn about four common injuries veterinarians see in these athletes, how they diagnose them, and what treatments and rehabilitation methods they use to get horses back to business.

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Emergency Shoe Removal for Horses

A nearly lost shoe should stop a rider cold because it can expose horses to foot injuries ranging from nail punctures to sole bruising. Having the right tools and knowing how to use them can help you remove a shoe safely when a farrier isn’t available.

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