Puncture Wounds


Equine Wound Care

Horses tend to hurt themselves no matter how well we try to protect them. Download this free guide to learn about the five different types of wounds and basic equine wound care.

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Hoof Problem Protocol

Your horse has a hoof abscess, bruise, puncture, or something else wrong with his foot. Should you call the veterinarian or farrier?

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Wound Care for Horses

Due to their inquisitive nature, a well-developed flight response, and that they are commonly confined in areas with potential obstacles such as metal or wire, horses tend to be accident prone, making wounds a fairly common occurrence.

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Maggots Improve Chronic Hoof Puncture Wound Healing

You might have heard about the value of using medical maggots to clean infected, nonhealing wounds in horses and humans, but did you know they can also help clean up infection in structures deep within the hoof?

At the 2009 American

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Misplaced Nail

I noticed my farrier put two nails in too high. She won’t put weight on it. How long until it heals?

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Hoof Radiographs

Your horse is limping and a detailed visual exam by your veterinarian reveals a small black spot, suggesting a puncture wound. Your veterinarian radiographs the hoof: The X rays confirm the diagnosis, clearly showing the direction and depth of

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Assess Heel Lacerations Early for Best Recovery

“A simple heel bulb laceration may look like a regular ‘nothing’ cut, but it could be life-threatening if it’s in the coffin joint, so you need to get it evaluated right away,” said Robin M. Dabareiner, DVM, PhD, Dipl. ACVS, while describing a

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