Deworming & Internal Parasites


Parasites And Pastures

Pastures and internal parasites. You can’t have one without the other. If you have  pastures, your horses will have internal parasites. These pesky little creatures that can erode a horse’s good health have been successful in thwarting the

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The Epidemiology Of Colic

Because there are so many causes for colic, epidemiology can be helpful in determining those things that are associated with an increased risk of colic. In some cases, it also can help identify the cause.

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Equine Tapeworms Prevalence Monitored

Unwelcome and unannounced they come, developing silently within the intestines of the horse. Within the cecum, the parasites usually surround the ileocecal valve. Having no mouth parts or digestive tract, they absorb nutrients through their

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