Feeding Type-1 PSSM Horses

Death of a Herdmate

Can the death of one horse lead to a complete change in another’s behavior or “personality”?

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A Refresher on Horse Processing in the United States

Time to Say Goodbye

The whole painful process–deciding when the time has arrived, disposing of remains, dealing with grief–can be made less stressful when everything involved with the euthanasia process is understood and decisions are planned ahead of time.

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A Refresher on Horse Processing in the United States

Caring for Horses Through Life and Death

Considering end-of-life decisions for your horse ahead of time will help minimize the unpleasantness inherent in these events and serve to provide optimal care for your horse.

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Across the Fence

Under the Blue Tarps

When I unfold a tarp and hear that rusty plastic rattle, I see the stains of fluids of decay; I smell death. Blue tarps cover the corpses of my failures.

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Across the Fence

Knowing When It’s Time

Sometimes you know it’s time: When an older horse in less-than-ideal health suffers a serious bout of colic, euthanasia might be the best option. But what about when it’s not so clear-cut–when continued medical treatment and careful management are options, but the animal’s quality of life could go downhill very quickly.

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