Enjoying Veterinary Visits

In our referral equine behavior practice, we frequently rehabilitate horses perceived to be uncooperative with one or more veterinary procedures such as injections, nasogastric tubing, genital examination, etc. We have found that straightforward

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Slings for Horses–Getting A Lift

Rescuers can employ equine-specific manufactured slings, or fabricate a temporary sling from rope or a fire hose. A sling gives rescuers mechanical advantage–it can help them move a horse up an inclined plane (dragging up a ramp) or get a horse out

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Stall Walking

I have a yearling Thoroughbred that constantly circumnavigates his stall. This is causing an uneven wear pattern on his hooves. How do I stop him from doing this? We do not want to put him in a standing stall, and have tried hanging a tire…

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Mare Savages Foal

Mares which unpredictably savage a foal in this manner typically savage again if given the opportunity

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The Educated Equestrian

How can you become a better, more informed rider, owner, breeder, manager, groom, conformation judge, health spotter, tack fitter, and just all-around horse person? By allowing yourself the time to learn. Many horse owners take

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AI Training For Stallions

Given the choice, a stallion wouldn’t choose to mate with man-made devices. His instincts drive him to breed a mare; yet he can learn to transfer his sexual focus to a phantom mare and an artificial vagina (AV). In order to train a stallion fo”P>Given the choice, a stallion wouldn’t choose to mate with man-made devices

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Ground Work

What training tips do you have for working with a horse that hasn’t been ridden in four years?

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Teeth Grinding

What does teeth grinding mean? I think there is a horse in our barn that does it sometimes.

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Bizarre Behavior

Dr. Sue McDonnell addresses readers’ questions about an older pony’s grumpy behavior and why horses might eat dirt.

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Horse Play

I have a report to do for science class on animal behavior (middle school, fifth grade). My teacher, Mr. Brennan, said to pick a favorite animal species and a favorite type of behavior. My favorite animals are wild horses, and my

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Biter Gone Bad

We’ve been raising a Welsh pony for the kids. At about nine months of age, he started with constant nipping at your arm and the lead shank, kind of playing with you. We read on the Internet that this biting is a colt thing, and that it”P>We’ve been raising

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tendon healing; Rehabilitating Horses With Lower Limb Injuries; horse tendon and ligament mineralization; Measuring Tendon Stiffness to Monitor Healing

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