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Ergonomic Tack

How do you choose the tack that is comfortable for your horse and helps him remain healthy?

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A Look at Rein Tension During Therapeutic Riding Lessons

Bits: Pain in the Mouth

If a bit is causing pain or discomfort, communication breaks down and your horse’s performance, as well as his mouth, suffers.

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The Right Saddle for the Job

What is good saddle fit? Simply put, it involves a saddle–English or Western–that spreads weight evenly on the longissimus dorsi muscles along either side of the spine. This well-fit saddle has clearance over the withers and doesn’t impede movement of the scapulas (shoulder blades). This saddle puts the rider’s weight in concert with the horse’s center of balance.

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Its All A Matter of Perspective

The altimeter reading indicates we are miles above the Pacific Ocean. We just passed the International Date Line, heading toward Sydney, Australia. Exotic places like Pago Pago slip under our wings in the darkness while the moon plays peek-a-boo

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Heavy Metal: Farm Tractors

Keeping horses on your property? Then you don’t need me to tell you how much work there always is to do. In addition to all the actual horse care, there are endless weeds to whack, riding rings or tracks to be harrowed, bales of hay to be moved fro

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Seasonal Manure Changes
Bug Off: Controlling Flies in Horse Barn

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