Trailer Safety Check

Trail-riding and horse-camping expert and author Bonnie Davis demonstrates how to perform a safety check on your horse trailer before hitting the road.

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How to Check Your Horse’s Pulse

Being able to describe your horse’s vital signs to your vet can be a life-saver during an emergency. In this video, Dr. Tom Casselberry, of Fairfield Calif., demonstrates how to check your horse’s pulse.

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Safely Remove Your Horse From a Herd

Becky Rodrigues provides tips on how to safely remove your horse from a herd setting, including assessing herd dynamics, treating your horse, leading out from the herd, finding safe routes, and more.

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How to De-static Your Horse

Get tips on how to combat static electricity on your horse’s hair coat and how to avoid delivering that spooky shock to your horse.

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How to Do a Flying Lead Change

A flying change of lead can be hard to learn for both horse and rider. Trainer Nicole Carroll explains the key elements in training a horse to do flying changes.

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How to Do a Half Halt

Erin King of All The Kings Horses explains how to do a half halt with your horse to improve collection.

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How to Fit a Horse Blanket

Karmen Mills, of Around the Bend Farm in Newcastle, California, shares tips for checking the fit on your horse’s blanket.

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