Working With Morocco’s Horses



Since no typed words will truly describe the goings on in Fez and the Fondouk, I can only recommend that anyone who gets the chance

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Time to Go

I am sitting in the train, which has just pulled out of the Fez station. I had no idea that I would have so much

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Last Glance

Well, the end of my stint here is approaching. I spent little time in the hospital today in order to get some last minute things

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Fresh Wound

Today was exciting and fast-paced. Since it wasn’t nearly as busy as yesterday, I enjoyed taking a little more time with the patients. Today’s funny

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Crowd Control

Today was the busiest day in the clinic since I arrived. It’s just our luck that Houssine, the large animal technician is on vacation this

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Horse Show

I spent a fantastic Sunday afternoon at the horse show. Doc drove us about two hours to the Royal Polo Club Equestre Dar Es-Salam in

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Poster for Parasite Control

I have to admit that I slept in a little bit this morning after last night’s long colic escapade. The colicking horse from last night

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Today was a very long one. We made it back from the animal souk just as the Fondouk opened at 7:30 this morning. The souk

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Local Beliefs

I have wanted to write a little bit about the animal trading, donating, etc that goes on here at the Fondouk. The perfect opportunity presented

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Learning Experience

The donkey that came in with colic yesterday did not make it. We continued supportive therapy today, but it was too little too late. On

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Back to Work

Finally back to work! I spent most of the morning with an influx of goats and sheep. One ewe had been in labor for 6

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Desert Wanderings

We are back from our Saharan adventure. The desert was definitely one of the more beautiful and mesmerizing places I’ve ever seen. Riding a camel

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Taking a Break

The opportunity has presented itself for the other four students and I to go trekking in the desert! Since the Fondouk is closed again today,

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Closed Doors

The Fondouk is closed today. The reason for this stems from the currently unstable political situation between the Moroccan government, the Fondouk, and Dr. Frappier.

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Off to the Races

Saturday morning we headed out of town to catch some local horse racing. Eight races were scheduled for the day. Oh my, what a cultural

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