I am sitting in the train, which has just pulled out of the Fez station. I had no idea that I would have so much trouble leaving. I’m actually finding myself a bit choked up, after having made so many new friends and feeling so good about helping the region’s horses. This experience has touched me in a way that’s impossible to describe.


Left to right– Back row: Garni, Mohammed, myself; Center row: Touria, Driss, Lyndsay (Western U), Dr. Frappier and his beloved Clara, Houria, Tamerin (Western U); Front: Azami. The donkey is Murphy!


Murphy looks a little confused… This is right before I left, so I got to enjoy the donkey smell on my clothes for the 5 hour train ride. It was worth it!

After a whole night of packing and preparing to depart, I stayed up to work this morning and enjoy the final moments of my Moroccan adventure. Working was a bit difficult because I was unwilling to get dirty, which would entail unpacking my bags for a change of clothes. I stayed surprisingly clean while passing a nasogastric tube for a fractious colicking mule that kept trying to go down, without so much as a few drops of mineral oil on my shorts.

The morning was bittersweet. I was sad to see that the neurologic mare