FEI Endurance Forum 2017: Welfare, Education, and the Future

Forum presentations covered risk factors, bone fatigue, and risk management, among other topics.

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Welfare, education, and the future direction of the sport were prominent topics at the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) Endurance Forum 2017, which took place this week in Vic, Barcelona, Spain.

A total of 100 delegates from over 30 countries gathered together at a pivotal time for endurance, which is seeing massive growth year on year across the globe.

Scientific presentations on risk factors, bone fatigue, and risk management set the scene, providing a data-based approach for the forum’s further discussions on education, rules revisions, and the future of the sport. Key topics including horse welfare, speed, athlete education, and how the elite level of the sport could look in the future were debated in an open and honest dialogue by representatives from across the endurance community.

“This growth of the sport is remarkable and brings great opportunities but also presents challenges to the global endurance community,” FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez said in her opening address. “Endurance is clearly appealing and has potential, but as we grow we need to secure the integrity of the sport with correct processes, and maintain the highest standards of horse welfare. We are all here because we want to ensure that Endurance continues to develop and thrive around the world. And we are also here because we want to ensure the very best for our horses, for our athletes and for the greater endurance community

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